Weather Headlines 1968-2000

Stoke-on-Trent Weather Newsletter 1968 to 1977

Last updated Wednesday 18th April 2000

Some Local Headlines from the last 33 years. (Records date back to 1930)


Quite a cold and snowy winter with February very cold and snowy.

Severe thunderstorms in July with sahara dust.


Another cold and snowy winter with February again very cold and very snowy

Record October maximum temperature of 21.6c, and warmest mean since record breaking 1959.

Wettest May since records began, driest October since records began, coldest March since 1962.


Yet another cold and very snowy winter, with another snowy February, followed by a snowy March

Wettest November since 1951, driest December since 1963, driest May since 1936.


Wettest August since 1957.


Coldest June this century with a mean of just 10.7c, coldest summer since 1956.


Wettest July since 1939.


Warmest winter since 1957. Coldest October since 1939, with snow falling towards the end of the month.

Warmest December since 1934.  Wettest Autumn since 1954.


Warmest winter so far this century, with a mean of  5.1c, Warmest August since records began,  driest June since 1949.


Another very mild winter. Warmest summer this century with a mean of 16.7c, beating the previous best of 16.2c,  set in 1933.  Warmest June since 1950, driest August this century, driest July since records began, wettest October since 1967. Wettest September since 1965.


Coldest Winter since 1963. Wettest February since records began.


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