About Myself


My name is Graham, I am 59 years old and married. I enjoy most types of music but my favourite all time band is still the Beatles by a long way but love music in general. I also enjoy sport very much, too old to play football & cricket now but still like to play tennis during the summer. My main hobby of course is the weather. I have always been interested in the weather as far back as I can remember and started to keep records when I was 14. The instruments I used were very basic but when I looked at other local records in the Stoke area I found that my data was not a million miles away, which is very pleasing. The site I record from is 220 metres above sea level, it is quite sheltered from hills to the north west and trees to the north east, which is why some of my mean wind speeds are quite low from those directions. I have my own weather station, which records far more data than I ever dreamed of in those earlier years, so I thought it would be useful to put the data on the internet hence these pages. I hope you find these pages useful. I will try to improve the site with time and any comments would be appreciated.


This site is dedicated to my Parents